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Crooks, criminals and 'bad guys'  

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3.07 coming up today! I'm especially curious about the load of bad guys we have by now collected. And I'm still jugglin' with who-is-who and who connects to whom:

Twin Peaks: (from small to big) Richard Horne - Chad at the Sherriff station - Red & co  - the Renault at BangBang - Ben & Jerry Horne? - the drugsline to Canada

South Dakota (Buckhorn & Yankton): Mr. C - Ray - Bill & Phyllis - Hank Filmore & friends 

Las Vegas/Rancho Rosa: black car ('normal' carjackers?), loan shark crooks (50.000),  red car guys and their female boss (now killed by Ike the Spike), Belushi & co, Ike the Spike, Duncan Todd & whoever Todd works for ('hope you never have someone like him in your life')

Argentina: Philip Jeffries, ? (intriguing that both Mr. C and the ladynowkilledbyIke are contacting 'Argent')

  • Your theories please! 


Posted : 18/06/2017 5:41 am
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I think Mr Todd is in NYC with the glass box judging by the view from his windows, and I suspect  based on his "I hope you never have someone like him in your life" remarks that he does not like being a badguy but was blackmailed/extorted into it by Mr C.  

I think argent-dialing-Lady killed by Ike the Spike was affiliated with Ray and Darya in trying to kill Mr C, which is why he hired Ike via Mr Todd to kill her.  

Posted : 18/06/2017 9:43 pm

That was bad Coop cleaning up his tracks.  All part of his plan to prevent good Coops return, and failing that, killing him.

Posted : 18/06/2017 10:19 pm
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The very first time we see Duncan Todd the shot is preceded by a title/caption 'Las Vegas City' (3.01)

Posted : 19/06/2017 2:42 am

Mr. C. suspected he was NOT talking to Jeffries, so we don't really know anything for certain about Jeffries.

Posted : 19/06/2017 2:48 am
RR Diner Patron

No you're right Karen: Jeffries is a question mark; if this alive possibly EvilCoop's aide in Rio? But for the rest it feels like the 7 plagues of Pandora's Box are out now: Mr. C (1), Ray Monroe (2), Ike the Spike has gotten away (3), Renault (4), Red (5), Richard Horne (6) and of course BOB (7). Not sure about charcoal man, the Belushi brothers, or Bing 🙂 

Posted : 20/06/2017 1:21 am