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"Fire Walk With Me," keeps popping up

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I was really looking forward to seeing Carl Rodd and was not disappointed in his reintroduction in episode 6.  It is obvious he was just living his life simply without much excitement but now this tragic event is likely going to have him revisit that odd episode in his life over 25 years ago.  I love how the intersection is the same as the one in, "Fire Walk with Me," where Laura and Leland had their interaction with Philip Gerard.  You know it is by the building on the left with the same exact brickface.  Much of the intersection is not the same, including there no longer being a blinking red light.  The area is much cleaner and improved compared to 25 years ago.

Topic starter Posted : 12/06/2017 9:37 am
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FWMM was what assuredly what Lynch wanted Twin Peaks to be, unfortunately major network TV was the only place that could pull it off at the time.

So it's safe to say the first part of FWWM is not only how he wanted it, but the intro to the real story 

As for Carl, while underwhelming,  his appearance hinted something else will be coming in the future 

Posted : 12/06/2017 5:27 pm