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Breathing into the discomfort  


Yes, I am finding the pace, and the extended nature of Dougie's fog excruciating.

And that is just fine.

I am UNCOMFORTABLE. And that is EXACTLY what I want TP to make me feel- dread, anticipation, occasional absurdity, sometimes in the same moment. Sure, I want my Dale back, I want to get out of Vegas. I want to KNOW things, I want to be comforted. But this is David Lynch flying this plane, not me, and I will give up all expectation of nostagia for what I am getting, which is worth all my squirming, excruciating desire to control the joirney, to get there already.  

Being forced to Go Too Fast killed the orginial series (and there are moments when it seems Lynch is taking is wry revenge on us). So I am willing to feel my frustration with the ride, and trust that we are being taken to a place that is Wonderous and Strange- not the place we were in in 1990, but a different, daker place.

There are 1000 threads, and the likelihood of them gtting tied up or of our getting neat answers at the end of 18 hours is scant enough that I will still be thinking about it for the NEXT 25 years. 

Posted : 12/06/2017 12:54 am