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What will become of Cooper? and observations... Mr Jackpots and the Tibetan Method  


So, now Cooper is back in the real world and laying low as Dougie Jones with Amnesia... What next?

I've heard things from interviews that he basically relearns being real Cooper over a period of time... I wonder how/why the Amnesia? He was tricked into leaving early - by Doppelganger Laura/Arm/Mike?

I hope the coffee in episode 4 knocked something loose.  Memories still seem to be in there...

Did anyone else notice the Casino scene and think that there was a link between that and the Tibetan Method? Cooper was always moved by deep intuitions that he relied on before going to the lodge and getting trapped.  Maybe without his mind there, those moments where the lodge reveals itself are obvious arrows pointing and guiding but with a full conscious mind, they're perceived as intuition.  I immediately thought about the little red rooms appearing above names/or the stones in that episode but they were hidden...

Maybe Cooper will gain back his mind and keep his ability to see the red room...

Posted : 01/06/2017 5:37 pm