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Two Meta References made by David Lynch in 1990's interviews are indirectly referenced in Episode 3.



I'm well on my way through the Rewatch of Season 3. I wish there were a Rewatch Discussion Page, but I suppose I'll just make addendum to the episodic ones that already exist here. 

1. In a 1991 David Letterman appearance, Lynch speaks of his continuing efforts to make the Ronnie Rocket film starring Michael J Anderson. When Letterman asks, "what is it about?", Lynch replies, "the absurd mystery of the strange forces of existence." 

David Lynch on David Letterman

Verbatim Albert's reaction to the call the FBI receives informing Cole about Cooper's reappearance in South Dakota!


2. In a 1992 interview with Jay Leno, they speak of David Lynch's abridged experiences in Europe. He states, " I went there to study for 3 years, and came back in 15 days." 

David Lynch on Jay Leno

In my opinion, the 3 and 15 connection of the sockets (and of course Agnt Cooper's room at the Great Northern) can be interpreted for us the viewer in a variety of numerological ways, but I think it's a safe assumption that the relationship to 3 and 15 for David Lynch was born out of a choice at a pivotal time in his own history. That time between 17 -21 years of age is fundamental in the shaping of our identity and I believe that it stuck with him and found it's way into the Twin Peaks Universe!



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