The second last scene in part 4  

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 What was up with that blue filter when Gordon talked to Albert and Tammy? Any meaning? Or just a mishap in the editing room?

Posted : 23/05/2017 1:20 pm
Posted by: Eric from Sweden


 Or just a mishap in the editing room?


It's safe to say that nothing is ever a mistake in Lynch's world. 

Perhaps the blue refers to a sort of colder mentality of Cole and Rosenfield. Given the nature of their conversation in the scene, both seem rather somber about the situation they are in. They were initially elated to finally find Cooper again, yet are worried, or blue, about the situation they are now in. 

Posted : 23/05/2017 3:15 pm
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I loved that vibe! also the restaurant that Tammy goes was so cool from outside

Posted : 23/05/2017 3:35 pm

It is a Blue Rose case...

Posted : 23/05/2017 4:02 pm

Will be interesting to see if it will happen again, since it was so striking. They did mention the blue rose in the end...

Posted : 23/05/2017 4:04 pm
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They did mention the Blue Rose which can be the reason for that.

Also i wonder what will happen with Phillip Jeffries and if Lynch will bring him back with a new actor.

Posted : 23/05/2017 4:52 pm