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The age of Mr C/dark Cooper


There's some interesting facts in the file about arrested Cooper, visible when you watch in HD.

He's stated as Dale Cooper, "suspect in multiple crimes", not a John Doe claiming to be Cooper. He also has aa address in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
But the most intersting fact: His birthdate is given as August 15, 1973.

I think Dale Cooper's original birthdate was April 19, 1954 ( but it might have been retconned, say five years or so, due to Kyle MacLachlan being younger than originally intended in the script.

In any case, the age is maybe 15 to 19 years wrong, and the birthdate is seemingly random. Your thoughts on this?

Topic starter Posted : 26/05/2017 10:16 am
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Good catch! I knew I should've gone back and looked closer. As to why the birthdate is wrong, I'm really not sure. However, I think Mr. C has a very elaborate plan and we've only been speculating on the beginnings of that plan. I mean, he's had 25 years! I think he went straight to Garland Briggs for some very specific FBI info and that info is gonna have an important role in whatever Mr. C will do next.

Posted : 26/05/2017 10:50 am
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Probably Mr. C, who has had access for a lot of time to FBI digital archives, has manipulated Dale Cooper's age, making himself nineteen years younger.

Posted : 27/08/2017 12:56 pm

It would make him the same age as the high school kids in the first two seasons.

Posted : 31/08/2017 1:25 pm