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Not sure if this has been sufficiently addressed yet: is there a significance in 'Mother' turning up as soon as there are 1 man and 1 lady together in a room, in several stages of 'rapprochement'? Sam/Tracy, Cooper/Naido, Cooper/Ronette? And why does Ronette call her 'my mother'? Could a 'gum-head' on a woman's body be a reference to the split body/head found in Ruth Davenport's bed, or the other way around? Is 'Mother' BOB's 'wife'? Are we talking 'couples' here? Bill Hasting & Phyllis, Richard & Linda, Clhantal & Hutch, .....? 

So many questions....

Posted : 03/06/2017 8:08 am
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i've been insanely curious about the "my mother" line. and why phoebe augustine is listed as "american girl".

if it had been ronette, i thought maybe she was there to tie things back to the beginning of cooper's journey into twin peaks. he's initially called in because ronette wanders, dazed, over state lines. if she hadn't, he may never have been assigned to laura palmer's case in the first place. now he's leaving the lodge after 25 years and embarking on another strange journey, and he's totally lost, and, once he leaves the purple room, he's similar to how she was in the beginning, just walking around aimlessly, unable to communicate. the doctor in the first episode says of ronette "this girl doesn't even know where she is, or if she is" and that's not at all unlike cooper right now.

the couple idea is neat, i wonder about that too. i don't know what it means yet but i definitely think all the couples, and pairings of two, are intentional.

Posted : 03/06/2017 2:41 pm

Not Ronette, the credits say the character is "American Girl." We don't know yet if she is also Playing Ronette somewhere in the show ( that would be great ).

Posted : 03/06/2017 11:36 pm