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Leo/ Cooper needs new shoes?  


 Remember in the 2nd season, Leo was shot and became brain damaged (like Cooper after exiting the Lodge), and he said "Leo needs new shoes" once in a while?

When Cooper exited the Lodge (or whatever that place was, through the electrical socket) his shoes fell off.
Later Leo returned to his evil normal self. Did someone died before that? I don't remember. Because Mike told brain damaged Cooper one of them (Mr. C or Cooper) has to die now.
Anyway, do you think there is a connection with the missing shoes?
Posted : 31/05/2017 5:03 am
Payne_3 liked

Leo hid a tape in the heel of one of the boots. In the new show I think Coop having to wear Dougie's shoes is to emphasize he has taken Dougie's place.

Posted : 01/06/2017 1:32 am