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Hawks Heritage  


Hawk is a Nez Perce Indian.

According to wiki

The Nez Perce believed in spirits called weyekins (Wie-a-kins) which would, they thought, offer "a link to the invisible world of spiritual power".[11] The weyekin would protect one from harm and become a personal guardian spirit. To receive a weyekin, a seeker would go to the mountains alone on a vision quest. This included fasting and meditation over several days. While on the quest, the individual may receive a vision of a spirit, which would take the form of a mammal or bird. This vision could appear physically or in a dream or trance. The weyekin was to bestow the animal's powers on its bearer—for example; a deer might give its bearer swiftness. A person's weyekin was very personal. It was rarely shared with anyone and was contemplated in private. The weyekin stayed with the person until death.


I think it has something to do with the owl, flying overhead dougie cooper.

Perhaps in a future episode Hawk will dream his weyekin .. he will become an owl, and seeing through the owls eyes... will fly overhead dougie cooper holding a sack full of money outfront the house with a red door.

or something.


who knows.


Anyone want to add?


Posted : 07/06/2017 4:42 am

Most likely not an owl.  

Posted : 28/07/2017 12:21 am

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