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First observations after viewing 3.03 and 3.04  

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 Observations 3.03 / 3.04

So doppelDale is in jail and 'good Dale' has missed his 'connecting flight' (because of Mr. C's car accident) and is now 'in' Dougie Jones and the life that this character lives. Is Naomi Watts playing the housewife she would have become if she hadn't killed herself after a failed Hollywood carreer (Mulholland Drive, 2001)? The 2 crooks hanging 'round in Rancho Rosa (notice the Rancho Rosa logo before each Return episode) were waiting to kill Mr. C.  Since drugs and guns were found in Mr. C's black car, could he be the 'him' that Duncan Todd referred to earlier in Las Vegas? 

PS: 15:00 is the military version (until Major Briggs floated by) of 3 p.m. 

Topic starter Posted : 30/05/2017 2:06 am