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does '.....brings back some memories' leave anyone else sad?


i've watched part four a few times now and after each viewing i'm left feeling incredibly sad.  i think it's because the Coop that has come out of the black lodge is a shell of the Coop that went in; i know it's still early and there's plenty of time left for him to recover, but he was such a strong, confident, WHOLE man before - it's painful to see him stumbling and bumbling around.  and even when / if he does recover, he's lost 25 years - nothing will or could possibly be the same.  


kyle maclachlan does such an amazing job bringing Dale Cooper to life!  i'm feeling depressed for this tv character and how he will feel when he realizes the past 25 years of his life is gone, hahaha

Topic starter Posted : 02/06/2017 2:20 am

It's very moving because Cooper is so beloved.  We see traces of him starting to resurface and I smile when it happens.  He seems dignified in the intro scene with the Giant.  I think we'll see him in full command of his faculties eventually, probably sooner than later.  

Posted : 02/06/2017 2:27 am

Seeing Bobby tear up in The Sheriff's office was heartbreaking - because the original show dealt with the tragedy of abuse and murder in such an abstract way you kind of get separation from the event. Seeing the tears just brought the reality that it was once a story of loss back. 

Posted : 05/06/2017 2:30 am

The theme tune brings on a kind of melancholy; I think it's the acknowledgement of how much time has gone by here in RL, how much things have changed for me and the person I was back then.

I wouldn't wish to turn back the clock but sometimes the differences between then and now catch me unawares.  Life for me is so much better in many ways but nostalgia - being what it is - always leaves you with some feelings of loss, and the all too human ability to overlook the bad things in the past, seeing only what was good.  

For the most part I'm caught up in the moment with the new show; enjoying what's unfolding and thoroughly impressed with the quality.  It seems like everyone brought their A-game and then some.  Kyle MacLachlan is unbelievably, mind blowingly good in each incarnation.  There's a depth and real gravitas to him now, which didn't seem there in the past.  That's not to say he wasn't very good; more that he's gone way beyond that now.

Overall, I find myself laughing more in this series.  Even though some parts are unremittingly grim, there are plenty of laughs.  I'd love to know how the breakfast scene came about because it's a classic.  Even though it doesn't add much in terms of moving the story along it's my favourite scene so far.  It also looks like everyone involved was having fun, too.

Posted : 05/06/2017 1:38 pm
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I thought it was super sweet-sad when Shelly's friend badmouthed James and she defended him, saying he was in a bike accident and now he's just quiet, and that he's still cool, he's always been cool.


Posted : 06/06/2017 12:13 am

Aside from what has already been posted, it was the first episode to relive some of the really funny moments.  When the deputy was mocking Margaret, the look and reactions from Andy were great - not to mention the entire Wally scene.

Posted : 10/06/2017 2:21 pm