Weird Stuff that Happened in the Town Left Unsolved from this Season  


I still wonder:

what was with the girl who had that nasty rash

why was that kid violently ill in the car

why was that girl crawling on the floor and screaming

who was the deranged drunk in the cell

was Red a magical being or inhabited by a lodge spirit


I kept thinking a lot of this came from the imbalance of evil in the town, a result of Bad Coop not coming back to the lodge when was supposed to and Judy taking over Sarah. Then I was thinking maybe it was a side effect from Dale influencing time. That whole scene with Bobby seeing the kid standing nonchalantly against the car, the woman screaming and honking her horn, and the kid getting sick-- his reaction was so strange. Almost like he was in shock? Like he's seeing it but not? The whole sequence had a very The Mouth of Madness vibe. And that vibe also made me wonder if some of these things were nightmarish images being created by the dreamer(or creator) of this universe.  I don't buy it's a dream, but I could see it being about how there is an omniscient presence that exists beyond the lodges, who actually creates or destroys at will. Something stronger than Judy.


Posted : 08/09/2017 8:42 pm