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My final theory


First thing : Sorry for my english , i'm from Belgium .

1945 : explosion of the atomic bomb who create a passage for mother and other demons.

The fireman see that on his screen and create a mega seed ( laura's orb ) and throw it in the heart of explosion.

One little seed + coop hair + electricity -->  Dougie's tulpa

One mega seed + atomic explosion ---> Earth tulpa

The fireman duplicate the entire world and create a jail for mother and saving us .

A new world with the same person who made differents life's choices ( for example : coop's mother call him Dale and not Richard ). A new 50's tulpa world  with only tulpa people .

In the frost's book Secret history of TP : some giants meet the president ( Eisenhower ? ) with a yellow book and ask him to stop nuclear test . It's only for not create a new passage for mother's escape jail .

We live inside a dream ... no no it's only a tulpa earth Jeff' 🙂

The thousand of jeffries bells who see in the episode 17 in the black/white world are the generators for control the new Earth.

In fact :

Fireman save us and fight against mother

Mother would only escape jail created by ???????

Lodge's spirit help coop only for the free garmonbozia in the tulpa's world

Everybody are doppleganger / tulpa ( or dreamers ? )


It's my final idea for the moment .

Sorry 2x for my english level

I'm waiting for your comments

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2018 2:45 am