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Judy/Mother/Experiment ORB  

Town Visitor

Hi all, new to the board. 


Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, I have yet to find an article to discussing it.

So, if you look very closely at the creature in the box, you can clearly see a gold orb near the stomach! 


It hovers around the stomach a bit, then is grabbed and looks like it is absorbed into the stomach. Anyone else notice this? It's driving me crazy!!


Screenshots attached. 




Posted : 17/05/2018 3:31 pm
Chief Moderator

Hello and welcome to Twin Peaks. Always glad for a new face. 

Posted : 17/05/2018 9:26 pm elihathaway liked

So Laura *is* Judy

Posted : 17/05/2018 10:15 pm
Roadhouse Regular
Posted by: Cæmeron Crain

So Laura *is* Judy

That would sow some discord. 


Posted : 18/05/2018 1:17 am

I can't see the orb during the video (but i see it in your  screenshot) so it may be a light artifact, but it's really interesting.

The more I watch the scene, the more I see the Venus statue, when the experiment first appears. The Venus appears/is shown just before the non-exist-ent scene with cooper and the arm's doppelganger. I see the venus as an evil influence in this regard. An ominous presence.

Your comment about the orb makes me think more of the idea that Laura is (now) Judy. 

What did Laura whisper to Coop? Maybe it was: "you created Judy when you saved me. I am Judy".

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Posted : 16/08/2018 3:56 pm

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