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 Hey folks, newbie here.

Got a thought on the scene with Cooper and Diane outside the motel. I don't know how seriously I can take my idea, but it was fun so I'm open to critique.

Here goes:

When Diane sees herself outside of the hotel, she is really seeing Linda. Lynch shows us this to inform us that both Cooper and Diane have doubles in this new world they've crossed into. When the Cooper lookalike exits the motel that really isn't Cooper, it's Richard.

We "know" this because we've been prompted that they both have doubles, also when Richard walks to the motel door he stands waiting for Diane to join him (Cooper wouldn't behave this way -- he would have opened the door for Diane, reference later when he opens the car door for Laura at the gas station).

So Diane ends up with Richard in bed. This is why she reacts the way she does. She realizes it's not Cooper and knows that it's Richard she is with. She realizes that she and Cooper have been separated between two worlds.

Cooper on the other hand meets and goes to bed with Linda. Probably without realizing it. But Linda realizes that it's not Richard (or really, that something is wrong between them) and probably has the same reaction as Diane did. So she leaves Cooper a letter calling him "Richard."

One may ask, why did Linda disappear when Richard walked out of the motel? Let's just say that both copies cannot exist in the same world. Think Quantum Physics and how the act of observation coupled with a decision creates a split were both realities occur (alternate universe).

So the moment Diane made her observation, Linda and Cooper were split into an alternate universe. That's why Cooper was in a different hotel and had a different car, etc.

Well, I had fun coming up with that. Now shoot it down. I don't even know if I believe it.

Thanks for reading!

Posted : 09/09/2017 3:37 pm

Forgot to mention the lamp post as Cooper leaves the motel. 

Think crossing into another world ala Chronicles of Narnia.

In this case, an indicator that he is not passing into, but has already passed into, a different timeline/dimension/reality.


Posted : 09/09/2017 5:29 pm
Town Visitor

I think it might have been a bit like Lost Highway where there are 2 dimensions side by side. Diane and Cooper were there and so were Linda and Richard. Your theory is very interesting. 

Posted : 09/09/2017 8:12 pm


Yes, Lynch does have a thing for exploring dualities and this is where I think he and Frost are headed with this (always have been as a matter of fact). Exploring Cooper's dark side, just as we slowly found our about the homecoming queen's dark side in season 1.

Since I've posted my original thoughts on that scene in particular, I came across someone on YouTube that had a similar take, but they thought that Cooper and Mr C merged in that scene. Could be, since Kyle's performance oscillated somewhere down the middle of Mr C and Cooper, but he also insisted that who we are seeing is Richard, not Dale. I disagree with this since Cooper does identify himself correctly at the Palmer home. But all theories are welcome.

It's fun! 

Posted : 10/09/2017 12:56 pm