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So, you want to know who Judy is? do you really?


Please remember my dear fellows. David lynch and Mark Frost are profound men.

With Twin Peaks and his films he is communicating something REAl to Humanity..

we are so use to watching films that have no substance whatsoever, but this show is 30years in the making 30 planned years. You think he did that for fun? for money? No, he is expressing something to us incredibly profound about our world, our inner lives or Being and the relationship between the two. I say, Thank you David, Thank you.


So.... you want to know who JUDY is? It is obvious. Oh how skilled he is.

Judi is obviously feminine in nature, Judy is short for the name Judith which means "woman from the tribe of Judea or Judah". David (or his character) pronounces her as called "Jew Dei" in ancient times. Which Dei means God in many languages including Latin.

JUDI is behind Bob, Behind the most evil acts in all the world (the Atom Bomb) the degeneration of humanity, and America after world war 2, which is clearly shown in that episode that terrifies everyone with the creepy guys,  the atom bomb and the girl. Al

JUDI is JUDEA. the Pharisees, the Zionist,  the globalist....the horrible selfishness, degenerate sexuality and destructive desire within all of us. I'm not Anti-Semitic, I'm not against the Jewish people. "But for those who have ears let them Hear!"

All these characters are Fictional! stop talking about the Fictional Characters as if their real and reflect on the Reality and truth he's expressing through them. I tell you this show is truly Transcendental in many ways, because he is expressing "Gnosis" (greek: direct experiential Knowledge)'

Thank you Twin peaks.

Look into Europa - The last Battle


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