Is Diane Judy and what are the bells?  

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Kind of feel that if Cooper has already met Judy maybe Diane is Judy. Diane receiving all the texts that don't quite marry up with the texts from bad coop, which could be from Jeffries, Jeffries could have been tracking bad coopers calls. A young lady was supposed to have delivered a letter to Jeffries in Fire Walk With me, matches her age. Judy is rumoured to have a sister... Janey-E. Maybe Judy is a code name, maybe its a middle name. 

A question... what are the bell/kettles? The one in the lodge seems to act as an alarm. The one Naido takes Cooper to didn't quite seem to have a purpose, the Phillip Jeffries one seems to personify Jeffries. WHAT ARE THE BELLS! 

Posted : 22/08/2017 4:03 am

Nobody knows who Judy is, and it's possible she's a plot device, a MacGuffin.  Some people think it's a play on words, Major Garland Briggs/Judy Garland.  The "Diane is Judy" idea is just as valid - or just as silly, since nobody has a clue.  For all we know, Judy could be the receptionist back at the old Philly FBI building.  Chances are, if it's a real person who will appear in the show, it will be someone we've already seen, IMO.

The bells/tanks/thingies... again, nobody knows, beyond the general idea they are some kind of gadget used by the Lodge creatures for various purposes.  The first one, used by Naido, appears to be some kind of dimensional switch, the second one, used by the Fireman, is an alarm/warning system, and the third seems to be a life support unit.

Beyond that?  Anyone's guess.

My opinion on why so many different functions are covered by a thing that looks essentially the same is, consider how many different things and functions we can cram into an anonymous looking rectangle.  DVRs, DVD players, computers, amplifiers, flight recorders, in fact, almost any electrical device we make ends up in a rectangular box.  Even stuff like fridges, ovens and microwaves; all the controls and stuff are really just surface detail.

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Excellent explanation. 


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Excellent explanation. 


Thanks!  Part of the artist's eye; reduce stuff to the simplest geometrical shapes.  

"A bell is a cup until it is struck".   Sort of.

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Posted : 22/08/2017 8:29 am
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The only thing we can know about Judy is that Jeffries knows that "Cooper" has interacted with her. 

Even this is vague because it could have been the real Coop or the Dopplecoop.  He's (Jeffries) a very unspecific tea pot.  

If you include the list of people that Cooper would've interacted with that Jeffries might conceivably know about said interaction, it's pretty long and depending on what info/intel you think ethereal, steam-form Jeffries may have access to, becomes quite confused. 

If we keep things simpler and condense to only the people that DoppleCoop has interacted with that Jeffries is explicitly aware of said interaction, then it becomes shorter.  For example, Jeffries is aware that Coop has had interaction with:


- Bosomy Woman

- Garland Briggs

- Diane

- ?????

- Profit

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