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Phone call Frank and Gordon  


When Cole calls Frank Truman, why don't Frank tells about that they are going to Jack rabbit's palace? Seems important, instead he only tells about the 2 coopers in laura's diary. 

Time line fuck up again? The phone call was before they went to betty to ask about Coopers last day with mayor Briggs and the special message from the mayor. He also doesn't tell about the roomkey of Cooper (Northern)

And why doesn't Frank know LAura Palmer, he said "hawk found pages of a certain LAura Palmer". It was a big case, why not knowing about her

Topic starter Posted : 15/08/2017 9:28 am
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Could have been placed there by Lynch just because he liked it better there.  Or maybe Frank didn't see the need to brief Cole on everything else he had going on until he had something more useful to share.  

Posted : 15/08/2017 9:56 am