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I may be missing something, but I think Andrew was referring to time zones, though of course 2:53 is actually earlier in South Dakota than in Washington state. The next question is, where does 4:30 become significant (from one of the first lines in the first episode—or is that one not a time)?  As for Naido's eyes, good question. They look sewn shut to me.

430 is my fav mystery of all and I hope this bears out: the ringing in the Great Northern heard by Ben Horne is an overtone series rooted on an A, which is around 430 hz. 

(Also, when Doc Jacoby strikes the golden shovel, we hear an A and E, which is, again, an overtone series rooted on A. But, it may be that Lynch was using keyboard synths to create these sounds, and A is just his go-to note.)

I'm sorry to dash (again) your lovely four three zero = hum at 430Hz theory but the hum at the Northern is way, way above 430Hz. And actually the most audible note is a Bb (not far off an A but an octave above your preferred frequency). You're right about the harmonic overtones, though - you can hear the Eb below it. Much like those Tibetan singing bowls you like that are coming back in style...


There was an early theory defending that 430 could be a reference to the Hanford Site (state of Washington) coordinates:

435′01″N 119°23′16W. 

That could also help explain the 119 drugged-out mother

The plutonium manufactured at the Hanford site was used in the first nuclear bomb tested at the Trinity site, and in the bomb detonated over Nagasaki, Japan.


Posted : 19/08/2017 1:12 pm
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Posted by: René-Gilles Deberdt

I don't know if this was discussed before, as I only started reading this forum around episode 10 or 11, so apologies if this was mentioned.

'Naido' is a name strikes me as odd. As I'm familiar with the Japanese language, and the actress is Japanese (she even shares two thirds of her first name with my nickname), I feel this is worth a mention: the name 'Naido' is not a typical name, at least not as a first name. The 'do' in it rang a bell with me this morning when I watched episode 14, because it may be meant to translate to 'door' (-to/-do 戸) or even 'gate' (-mon 門), which would be in direct connection with the place where she shows up.

I'm going to get in full length detail here over the words, so if you don't feel like getting a headache for a very limited return on your time investment, I'd suggest you skip directly to the paragraph that starts with 'Hi there!'... (Really, what follows is my personal research I did while writing this post, trying to enrich my original conclusion but not really uncovering anything of importance.)

The word 'gate' is a bit more far-fetched because the '-to/-do' readings (as opposed to the way more common 'kado' and 'mon') would only be used in extremely rare family names, like 神門 (Kamido, literally 'God's gate') or 竈門 (Kamado, Hearth gate). Now, before you get all excited over 'God's gate', its more common reading is 'Kanakado' not 'Kamido', well what can I say, Japanese is a really weird language with its own things. (I'd recommend the movie 'Arrival' for a good demonstration of how a language can fuck up someone's perception of things, ah ah.)

Anyway, where was I..? Let's just stick to 'door' then, which is close enough in spirit. At least the '-do' is used in a lot of words, like 井戸 (ido) which translates to 'water well'. Yes, this is the water, this is the well. Just kidding, it's just a coincidence. It's like thinking the letter 'J' being used in 'Janey-E', 'Sonny Jim', 'Dougie Jones' is significant even though there are not enough letters in the alphabet to justify more than a coincidence. Wait, IS IT TRUE? Ah ah, sorry, I'm off topic.

So, about Naido, I'm not sure what the beginning of her name could mean. To me, this is important because I doubt Lynch speaks Japanese, and I can imagine he asked someone (maybe Nae Yûki herself?) to translate a word into Japanese to create the character. 'Nai' could be one character, or two characters. Some unlikely contenders: 無 ('Nai', 'this isn't'), 亡い ('Nai', basically the same thing but in the context of death), or 那 ('Na', 'What?'), but these aren't really meant as proper words. I mean, if Lynch asked someone to translate 'This isn't the door' or 'What's this water well?' into Japanese *and* then turn it into a proper name, they could have come up with respectively 無戸 or 那井戸, both possibly read as Naido, but it'd be too far-fetched even for linguists, and I don't really see how/why Lynch would want a character to be named after a sentence/question, rather than just a name. Other similar words that can be written as 'Nai' but don't really sound okay to me are 'Cry/moan' and 'Calm/lull'. The most likely contender would be the first that came to mind, 内, aka 'Nai'/'Inside' or 'House'. I could find a Japanese family name, 宇内戸, that reads as Unaido, so the 'Naido' part is okay here.

Hi there! (I'm just here to collect everyone who was sane enough to skip the boring stuff.)

So, basically we have one POSSIBLE, maybe even LIKELY, kanji name for Naido: 内戸. This, I would adapt into this translation: "Inner door". Possibly the door to your mind, or your heart, or anything inside you. Or inside something else that's not you, but let's not go over there. You could even literally translate it to 'House door', which is funny because it's so first degree, but 内 is really rarely used to represent a house. At least not in that context.

Do what you want with it!

Bonus quote: 'It is in the 内 now.'

This is fascinating and I did read the whole thing. I'm tending to think that most or all of this plays into the naming of the character, simultaneously.

Naido is some kind of gate or door but simultaneously may be a "not door." That seems like the kind of thing Lynch would go for. Just like the blindness/lack of eyes would indicate a closing off of sight but also perhaps a greater sight--I thought of demonhunters in some myths or games like World of Warcraft that must blind themselves to see demons. Inner sight. Maybe there is a link to Japanese myth?

The reason I came here is because of Judy. For Fire Walk With Me fans (the Bowie scene is lifted from that movie), Judy has always been a mystery. As Bowie mentions Judy we see a monkey chittering in the movie (this was not in the episode). Judy was supposedly at one time supposed to be introduced as a twin of Josie, re Lynch from an old interview. That never happened. But people have speculated that Naido seemed to evoke or resemble Josie. Last night was a revelation to me when Naido began chittering in the jail cell, and the two men joined in to mock her. Close your eyes, and you will hear her as a monkey chattering or chittering. I think that Naido might be Judy after all, as some have speculated. Maybe she was an "experiment"? A monkey in someone's "lab"?



I have an "evolution of the thread" over in this new forum if you are interested in a long read. It's only tangentially related to Naido but I'll never be able to separate Naido from the monkey (although I'm starting to think the monkey is some evolution of Phillip Jeffries that is in communication with Naido). This post is about a story from one of the oldest known Chinese works of fiction.

Posted : 19/08/2017 1:49 pm
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Whay do you think about Naido saying about the creature pounding at the door : "my mother is angry !"

Posted : 20/08/2017 10:34 am
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Posted by: Nicolas Mimouni

Whay do you think about Naido saying about the creature pounding at the door : "my mother is angry !"

I believe American Girl says that.  Different actor and character. 

Posted : 20/08/2017 11:10 am

My understanding of Twin Peaks aligns much with my practice in Buddhism. I also believe when Dale Cooper kept referring to Tibet and the Dalai Lama in Season 1, it has great significance. From one of my favorite books to read: "The Buddhist Scriptures speak of hundreds of billions of world systems-infinite numbers of world systems- and consciousness existing since begin-ningless time. (time without beginning) I believe that other worlds exist. Modern cosmology says that there are many different types of world systems. Although life has not been scientifically observed on other planets, it would be illogical to conclude that life is possible only on this planet, which is dependent upon this solar system, and not on other types of planets. Buddhist scriptures mention the presence of life in other world systems, as well as different types of solar systems and a infinite number of universes." 

-The Dalai Lama, In My Own Words


Posted : 27/08/2017 9:16 am
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Just my impression. Is Naido (Japanese charachter) somewhat related to Hiroshima/Nagasaki (Part 8?) or even Tojamura, the  fake Japanese businessman impersonated by Catherine Martell/Piper Laurie (credited as "Fumio Yamaguchi") in the second season?

Posted : 27/08/2017 12:04 pm
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Posted by: Kyle Anderson

Just my impression. Is Naido (Japanese charachter) somewhat related to Hiroshima/Nagasaki (Part 8?) or even Tojamura, the  fake Japanese businessman impersonated by Catherine Martell/Piper Laurie (credited as "Fumio Yamaguchi") in the second season?

Hi Kyle, Naido does seem like she evokes episode 8.

I rather think they'd like to bury the fake Japanese businessman association since it was not well received, even then--but who knows?

Posted : 27/08/2017 1:11 pm
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Posted by: SamXTherapy

Dunno if anyone mentioned this but I thought -  in the scene Andy viewed -  she whispered "Cooper".

If Sarah does get thrown in the slammer, maybe she'll end up next to Chad.

Holy crap Sam, you were a big damn prophet with this one.

Posted : 31/08/2017 9:48 pm
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Truck you Chad!

Posted : 31/08/2017 10:01 pm
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