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Im dead. Yet, I live....  


"I'm dead. Yet I live"

it's a theory... a big "What if..." a MAYBE....


In episode 8 we saw MrC gets shot in the abdomen (like Lois Duffy) and then the woodsman doing "something" to MrC....  We saw BOB's orb inside MrC.... the same orb the experiment/mother expelled out. After the shot Lois dissapears, MrC still dancing...

Then we saw The fireman creating Laura Palmer's golden orb... but Laura is dead for 25 years now. Where is that golden orb? It's with Laura in the Black Lodge? Laura said "I'm dead. Yet, I live". I'm thinking  that MAYBE that golden orb is somewhere in someone.

Is inside Naido? Andy said "she is important . People want her dead". But how Cooper and the clues the fireman gives him fit in all this? 


I think Naido is the key to open the gate to the white Lodge (or something like that).  And then Cooper goes there and get the clues... to find the orb...

Why?.... the spiritual finger is "VERY".... or "YREV" in the case of black Lodge entities. (when sarah took of her face we saw a hand and that finger is black)

"NAIDO" ... the reverse is "ODIAN" -"hate" in spanish- and we know that love, oposite of hate (groundbreaking discovery) open the gate to the white lodge.


She is important becuase she is gonna help cooper to wake up. Naido (japanese) literally translates to "Inner Path," simultaneously describing "inner teachings" or "(one) within the path" of nature and righteousness. 


"call for help"


Like I said before, the scene with ????/The fireman (I think) happens in the future, post Coop awakening. Maybe those clues are are to find that golden orb.... The black Lodge clues are for Coop to survive in "Dougie's world".

Leland said "Find Laura"

there is another "Laura"? Like Maddy? or he is talking about "laura's" orb?

***another thing***

when we saw Sarah tooking off her face and kill that Truker... that "evil" smile... I had the feeling that I saw it before... and yes... we saw that before, in every Laura smile from  the intro......

I don't know if that thing inside Sarah is the mother/experiment or whatever.... 

But make sense that Laura has to confront her mother... 

Laura's Golden Orb -Vs.- The Mother of All Evil (Four furious Rounds... jeje)


Laura is the one... but she is dead... and yet, she lives... but where?


I think that Becky is some kind of device (for us) to divert the attention... she's blonde, she is taking drugs... shes got something to do with Laura... Hastings was the "New Lelland" for a couple of episodes until we found out what is really happening there... The Owls are not what they seem...


After Diane/Janey-E plot comming together -the only "hint" was Janey-E(vans)-.... things can be solved without any clue. So.... If Laura is the one and has to confront her mother... (if laura does not return from the Black Lodge) the Golden Orb will be inside someone that maybe we do not know yet.....or  like with BOB in the first run, is the least expected ...

Posted : 16/08/2017 2:21 am

The Laura who was killed could have been a doppelganger (she behaved unlike herself in her final days, just like Cooper after he came back from the Black Lodge), with the real Laura trapped just like the real Cooper in the Black Lodge. The counter-argument is, why would her doppelganger not disappear after dying, like Lois Duffy's? Maybe because "Laura is the one"? Hmm.

Posted : 16/08/2017 7:06 am