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How it all ends  

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Sam Stanley is on Tammy Preston's list because he used to be involved in a Blue Rose case (namely Teresa Banks, Feb/March 1988). Albert probably does not mention him since he has left the FBI, perhaps straight after his 'Deer Meadow' experiences...

Posted : 18/08/2017 7:42 am
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Posted by: Arttu Haglund
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It's also about Iceland.  "We had those Icelanders by the horns!" (er, Hornes?)

and, lest it be forgotten,

"The Norwegians are leaving, the Norwegians are leaving!"

Poor little Audrey--she really did start ALL the commotion, and now look where she is.

(Where is she?) 

Actually no, the correct quote is "We had those Vikings by the horns!" – still referring to the Norwegians that left. There are no Icelanders in the series. 🙂

Audrey's whereabouts is definitely a mystery. One that we will learn about in the very next episode, I believe. But I don't think there's a dream/coma scenario at hand. We've only ever seen Cooper's, Laura's or Sarah's dreams/visions before. And now Gordon's. These have all been presented to be a dream in an obvious way, unlike Audrey's scenes. Furthermore, the mentioning of both Billy and Tina is proof enough for me that Audrey is in the real world. With Billy alone it could've POSSIBLY been something else.

Ha! My dreams are getting mixed in with Twin Peaks' residents and their dreams.  

Wait, who was Einar Thorson? Were there not carousing Icelandic singing businessmen disturbing Cooper's sleep (the earplug-chewing nightmare), who later became Ben's guests at One-Eyed-you-know-where's?

The thing with Audrey also depends upon  whether Charlie is real, too.  The Billys and Tinas named by others in the cast could be other Billys and Tinas...Frost has done that in other scripts.

"Different Mike, different Bobby."

Posted : 18/08/2017 10:39 am
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