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Devil's Guard  

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I know this has been brought up before:

But I just started reading  The Devil's Guard as well as researching more info about it, and thought these quotes were relevant. (No revelation really, just a nice comparison)


"Consider this, my son: this earth-life is a little time, of which

a third is spent asleep. What went before it, and what cometh after,

are a long time--verily a time too long for measurement. Shall we

be of the herd who say that dreams are a delusion because waking

we can not interpret them in terms of common speech? Or shall we,

rather than pretend to have more knowledge than the gods, admit

that possibly some dreams may link us with that universe from which

we came into a temporary world, and into which we must inevitably

yield ourselves again? Some dreams are memories, it may be, of

experience gained in the infinity of time before the world was.

And the wisest--aye, the very wisest of us--is he altogether sure

that all earth-life is not a dream.--From The Book Of The Sayings

Of Tsiang Samdup” 

Talbot Mundy, The Devil's Guard


"They're hypnotists. They're incredibly expert psychologists. And

they're just as keen on getting control of the whole world as, for

instance, the Bolshevists are. They believe in their black science

as enthusiastically as the Bolshevists believe in communism--much

more enthusiastically, that is, than most Christians believe in

Christianity. And remember: those men who have caught Rait are

merely the small fry who take orders from the higher-ups behind

the scenes.


They may propose to catch us, and psychologize us, and make use

of us in some way. The White Lodge accepts chelas. Christians

make converts and put them to work. Everybody with a bug in his

head tries to rope in everybody else--so why not dugpas?” 

Talbot Mundy, The Devil's Guard



"Teach a child arithmetic," he said at last, "and he can use it to

cheat with, can't he? Teach a man the laws and forces of the

universe, and he can turn them against his teacher, can't he?

Give a child a box of matches, and there will always be some one

to show him how to set fire to a house. Teach me spiritual knowledge,

and for every one desire to use it rightly I shall have a thousand

impulses to do the wrong thing. Persistence in thinking the wrong

thing makes a man a fool if he is untaught and a dugpa if he knows

too much. Do you think you know enough to be a dugpa?” 

Talbot Mundy, The Devil's Guard

Posted : 16/08/2017 11:27 am
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And I know this is just a metaphor

"Everybody with a bug in his head tries to rope in everybody else" 

but it would be a cool theory if Sarah Palmer was frog bug girl, and she's almost like a subconscious recruiter for evil, giving birth to dugpa hosts.


I've had a lot of coffee, I may read this in an hour and face palm. 

Posted : 16/08/2017 11:35 am