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Small caveat to start, I dropped off here for over a week. I could say it's not you, it's me. In essence, that is true. To an extent I felt my enjoyment of the show was being impacted by all the noise around every single detail, the minutiae if you will and in particular all the impatience. In short, I struggled with the negativity being mooted about part 12. Of course he was playing with us, but insulting us, I doubt that. I feel he, like all artists was and is making social comment through his art. Incidentally I've watched part 12 three times now and it improves each time, to the point, especially in the Gordon scene with his French friend where it became laugh out loud funny. It had the same effect on my wife upon her first viewing.

With all that said, I decided it was worth sharing this article regarding up to part 13 hence me posting it in the part 13 section.

I've been following the San Francisco Chronicle online - part 13 is here.

Carlos Valladares writes a recap every week. I wrote him to compliment him on such eloquent writing. He replied with answers to four questions I planned to pose on here, but decided against it.

He ended his part 8 recap with these two paragraphs which I thought were beautiful.

"I fear none of this will be terribly interesting if you don’t care about or follow Lynch’s work. Which is a shame, since there isn’t any other American film artist who has so boldly (and successfully) crossed the lines between pop and avant-garde, between convention and alienation, with such spiritual zest. 


To follow Lynch’s life story through “Twin Peaks,” old and new — to explore his mind’s dreams and fears — is to recognize the courage of someone who puts the darkest of humanity up on the screen for folks to contemplate. Atomic annihilation, the fear of losing that girl or guy to forces of evil, the body revolting against its master mind: Lynch lays it all bare, in the only moral way available."


I howled with laughter upon seeing James Marshall, sensing the disturbance in the twin peaks space time continuum as a result and one or two of you good people on here. It's only after seeing it again, do I see the terrible sadness in some of the storylines, Big Ed, Bobby (eating alone), Sarah Palmer and of course, Audrey. My annoyance at her obnoxiousness in part 12 became real empathy. What a broken soul, heartbreaking. A real comment on missed opportunities, regret, stuck in time etc. 

So, from a rainy Auckland, enjoy yourselves, and be kind to yourselves and those you love and whom love you.



Topic starter Posted : 08/08/2017 9:10 pm

Good to read you, mate.  

Posted : 08/08/2017 9:13 pm

Funny that you mention Carlos here. I typically wait until Tuesday to read critics and listen to podcasts. This week was the first time I noticed Carlos on Rotten Tomatoes. Read his review of part 13 and thought, "how is it that I'm just now reading his reviews of this show?" 


Posted : 08/08/2017 11:27 pm