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Clues in the credits  

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Posted by: Jack



(3) Phillip Gerard - Every appearance by Al Strobel is credited as Phillip Gerard, and not as MIKE.  Why would Lynch and Frost choose Philip Gerard to be the credit listing, when we all know that isn't Phillip anymore.


Gerard seems to become 'Mike' again when he is forcibly reunited with his arm(like in the end of FWWM when he takes garmanbozia from BOB's murder of Laura), and also when he is 'without chemicals'...Gerard needs drugs to suppress Mike, but Mike always returns?  Mike's arm is out there dealing with BOB(trading garmanbozia with him over the green formica table above the convenience store), like the old Mike before he cut off his arm in an attempt to stop. Mike/Gerard is mistaken that the ring helps people, it only breaks their resistance to BOB/Mr. C/Billionaires rule, which is why it destroyed Laura(with this ring, I thee wed), but Mike thinks it will shield them from violence if they just do not oppose BOB out in the open(Mike has accepted BOB's rule over the world, he tries to get people not to oppose it to try and help them survive longer under BOB's rule), thus Gerard is a traveling shoe salesman, in the shadows, but BOBs rule reaches everywhere, even all the way through twin peaks in the last 25 years, no place to hide from it.

Posted : 08/08/2017 2:24 pm
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Great thoughts Murat!  Now I have more to think about.

I wonder if David Lynch and Mark Frost, when they sit in a quiet room alone together discuss this, or if they have been writing this on pure intuition, without any logical, rule-driven, thought of the Lodge residents motivations, rules, and heirarchies.

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Person who played "Man in urinal" (which some think may be long lost agent Jeffries due to suit match) is listed as "Malone".... for what that's worth

Posted : 11/08/2017 11:16 am
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