8 Observations from season finale of S2  

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I watched the final episode of TP S2 today, and here are some comments/observations:

Dr Jacoby is on it. He delivered a possessed Sarah Palmer to deliver a message (which I think is mother channeling daughter) to Major Briggs  (who, coincidentally, was very happy/frolicking with his wife if the Double R). 

The Sycamore tree singing man is still strange (a word that we all should be used to) and we'll likely never see him again. Or will we?

I prefer Bobby B as a BB. That's saying something.

Dr Will Hayward has got a mean right swing.

When chained up, Audrey looks enticing.

The 'giant' and the 'little man' are 'one and the same' (I'm thinking duality).

The back of a fag (that's cigarettes to our foreign friends) packet states that a driving gap/safe chevron distance is 1.28 seconds at 70 mph and 1.12 seconds at 80 mph. The black lodge is loaded with chevrons. Drive safe.

I think that I'm spending too much tome on this shit.






Posted : 12/08/2017 1:15 am

The singer Jimmy Scott passed in 2014.

No, the Giant and the Great Northern waiter ( he brought warm milk to Coop after he was shot . Albert called him "Senor Droolcup" ) are "one and the same."

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Posted : 12/08/2017 1:35 am