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The turnip girl

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Posted by: Karen

People take off high heels to get comfortable & give their feet a rest.

Meh... I was high on decoding the scene, all that shoe mumbo jumbo made me happy... and you come here with all your logic and quotation marks ? 

Posted : 10/08/2017 11:06 pm
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Could she be linked to Tina and the girl at the end of ep 14 ? That girl is talking about her mother whose name is Tina, and she doesn't seem to remember if her uncle was there... and there the mother's sister would be missing !

Posted : 15/08/2017 8:53 am
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In "Fire Walk With Me" there was also a French date.... Coincidence?? 

Posted : 15/08/2017 11:44 am
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After watching Bérénice's wonderful scene again I noticed she puts on her shoes twice.
However this might be an editing mistake.
However being directed by Lynch, maybe it's not a mistake.
She puts on a black vest but everything else is red.
Maybe I'm looking too much into this but there's something familiar with the design of her mirror.
Albert is way too patient for his character in this scene...

Posted : 31/08/2017 7:03 pm
Julie Loader reacted
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Something else to consider.

In this episode we see Trick in the Roadhouse. He explains how a car came at him, drove him off the road and a farmer had to pull him out to help him.

We also uncover from the scene with Charlie and Audrey that Billy's truck was stolen. He called the sheriff to report it. In Part 7, a farmer (maybe Billy, maybe not) fails to show up to meet with Andy. He essentially has disappeared.

When Charlie calls Tina in Part 12, he seems shocked by the events he's hearing from her. I noticed this time round after watching it that he seems to be looking at Audrey with a judgemental stare, almost like Tina has accused Audrey of something heinous. Either that or he's too scared to tell Audrey what he's just heard.

So anyway, I'm not suggesting that the turnip farmer is Billy, although "friend's mother's daughter" doesn't prove that he isn't. However, the parallels of all these events are too much to be coincidence:

The disappearance of Billy matches that of the farmer who met with Andy.
A farmer helped Trick when he swerved his car.
The daughter of a turnip farmer has gone missing.

Mum's sisters gal = uncle is missing (from Lil's dance). Never understood the missing link there personally.

Friend's mother's daughter = sister, or brother perhaps, using the same logic as Lil's dance? Could Billy be the brother of the mother?

Too many threads, don't know the answer, hope someone else figures it all out soon 😀

Posted : 06/09/2018 3:48 pm
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