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Off-screen character list/connections  

Posted by: Pine Cone

Anyone want to start a list of all the off-screen characters and their connection to known characters? 

Audrey/Charlie scene: Audrey loves Billy, who is missing, and whom Bing was looking for at the RR in Part 7. Someone named Chuck told her that Tina was the last person to see Billy. Charlie says that Chuck stole Billy's truck last week, but then the cops found it and Billy dropped the charges. Charlie calls Tina, but says she won't be able to talk if her unnamed husband is home (and also that he will pretend Audrey isn't there for some reason). Could the truck owner from Part 7 be Billy? Perhaps, but the name Billy is not in the credits, so that would be outside of the norm in terms of how such things have been working all season. Audrey also mentions someone named Paul (to my knowledge the only Paul we have seen was a newscaster in Vegas, so probably not the same guy), which leads Charlie to ask if she is going to renege on their contract. Maybe Paul is her lawyer?

Roadhouse scene: Abbie asks Natalie where Angela is. She says maybe with Clark. Abbie replies that she saw Clark making out with Mary (could be the same who was referenced by Sylvia in that Johnny scene?). Natalie says that she and Angela both hate Mary. The two proceed to talk about how Angela is off her meds, on the edge, and who wouldn't be after losing their mom like that. Trick arrives and rants about an unnamed motorist almost driving him off the road. We have never met any of these people before.

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Posted : 31/07/2017 2:16 am
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