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"Let's Rock!" - Diane's Fingers

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wouldnt there also be a connection to when Laura did that 2 finger snap in the red room?

Posted : 02/08/2017 4:51 pm
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Posted by: TibiusReynolds


"Let's rock" is also the first thing we ever hear the dancing man in the red room say. I'm assuming this means Diane is associated with him, or that this is a doppelgänger Diane or something of that nature.

THIS.  We should also remember that all the GoodCoop/Dougie problem has been caused by the doppleganger of the dancing man,  which is a tree with a yellow dirty head now.  So the TreeDoppleganger had an arrangement with BadCoop.(who's somehow engaging via phone with Diane)

Posted : 02/08/2017 5:03 pm
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Has anyone else noticed that the same atmospheric sound that was in the great northern with Beverly and Ben was around Diane when she was at the bar looking up coordinates for twin peaks?  

After Diane was given the drink by the bartender after it was closed, she tried to engage him further, saw he was ignoring her, was momentarily upset, then thought forget it, and went to work on remembering the coordinates(she seems to have some 'image-memory' technique). The atmospheric sound is then I am thinking now it is related to twin peaks, its 'nature/atmosphere' and also about relations and cutting them off or not feeling bound to seek relations all the time(related to some kind of standard or law, thus nature as formed by thinking human), since the sound occurred around the time Ben told Beverly 'I cant do this, but I dont know why', and Diane now is disengaging from her old behavior she herself can no longer 'do this'.......once she said 'lets rock' about discovering about Cooper, she started to unravel the grip of the man who hurt her and the self-destruction it unleashed....

Posted : 04/08/2017 7:30 pm
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Posted by: Murat Erol Özkan

Has anyone else noticed that the same atmospheric sound that was in the great northern with Beverly and Ben was around Diane when she was at the bar looking up coordinates for twin peaks?  

At first the sound is blocked out by the vacuum cleaner, signaling Diane's resistance to it, but after she decides to work on the mystery(let's rock), signaled by her turning away from the bartender, it becomes clearer.  Also, the sound is in a different rhythm for Diane(more sporadic and directly focused on isolated elements of the sound), than it was for Beverly and Ben(going through different elements, smoothly flowing, etc.).

Posted : 05/08/2017 8:00 pm
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I saw her comment as as a sort of homage to the blue rose cases in general. It's her saying to the group "bring it on" but also acknowledging that she's aware of the history of the case (a la Desmond)

Posted : 05/08/2017 8:39 pm
meaxylon reacted
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What about Diane's fingernails - is there a whole in the black nail of her left thumb? Don't know what to make out of this...

Also noticed that she switched to capital letters when she answers the Las Vegas message. A code somehow? We remember that  text evil Coop sent in mixed letters was received by her phone in capitals too.

Posted : 05/08/2017 9:53 pm
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Posted by: tingle_jove

I like that Cole punctuates her Let's Rock finger "salute" with a fist knock on the table.

He might have thought he heard her say, "Let's Knock", but why would anyone say that in this context?

What about rock as in 'rock, paper, scissors'?


Posted : 05/08/2017 10:55 pm
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I think that Diane is actually in contact with Phillip Jeffries. It doesn't make sense that she'd be working with Mr. C, since she was so viscerally upset even seeing him (and genuinely confused). I think she's working against him, but in secret from the FBI. The text is capitalized to show that they're not the actual direct messages from Mr. C. 

Posted : 05/08/2017 11:01 pm
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Posted by: Jeffery M. Thompson

Let's Rock is the written on the car Cooper sees when looking for Desmond so she knows the phrase from tapes at the least.

The first word Agent Cooper says after seeing the Let's Rock text on the windscreen is 'Diane'. 

Posted : 12/08/2017 6:39 pm
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