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The ring the most important

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The entity pictured on the ring is about to appear between the very afraid.....

Posted : 28/07/2017 1:45 am
Posted by: MoonChild

I also had a feeling that Frost was frustrated with how unclear the real ring's power and importance wasnt clear enough in FWWM and he will now try to explain or at least include it more in the story....we already know it has something to do with Dopplegangers and it can be used to create doubles/ I wonder what mike is going to use it for next...

But I am sure we are not quite done with it

What if he re-creates original Daugie to lure bad Coop into killing him, thus revealing himself as a bad Coop/doppelganger/Bob inhibiting an entity?

Posted : 28/07/2017 8:19 am
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