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Season 2 Episode 22 Mirrored in Conference Room Scene  

Roadhouse Regular

The opening scene is mirrored in the return Episode 11 when Hawk shows the map to Sheriff Truman.
I have been saying the young police officer's way of talking reminded me of Pete, but here he echoes Pete scene to a t except is cut off by Sheriff Truman when he goes to state the year of his car similar to Pete - 68 Chevy Powder Blue......
Lynch obviously paralleled this; does anyone know if about a minute in from the officer knocking on the door Margaret calls as that is the time it takes for Margaret to bring the oil.

Posted : 11/08/2017 12:58 pm Pieter Dom and James M Sweeney liked
Roadhouse Regular

Hats off for making this connection.  Certainly some similarities, but I think Margaret's call occurs before the young deputy knocks on the door.

It was great to watch that Ep 22 scene again.  Just perfect.  

Posted : 12/08/2017 8:08 am

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