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Black corn on map vs garmonbozia

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Yeknow how Hawk points out the black corn on the map signifying death? Corn always brings to mind creamed corn and garmonbozia--but garmonbozia is supposed to be fear/suffering, right? Creatures of the black lodge feed on fear.

Well, think back to 2:53 and Dirty Cooper's car wreck. Dougie Cooper coughed up good old fashioned garmonbozia-looking puke. Certainly Cooper displayed fear in the red room in the final episode of Season 2. He had the fear in him.

But after his car flipped and he finally quit holding in the puke, Dirty Cooper spewed nasty black corn puke--and that stuff put a guy in the hospital just from getting a whif. Could Lynch/Frost have intended for that black puke to correlate with the black corn/death on the map? Has Dirty Cooper gone even darker than the usual fear-eating creatures of the black lodge? Bob had killed plenty before entering Dirty Coop's body; maybe Bob's worse than the standard black lodge folks?? Hmm hmm. 

Topic starter Posted : 31/07/2017 11:53 am
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He tore the thread. 

I kind of thought Dougie's puke looked like it might have a partially digested frog moth in it.  It didn't seem like straight creamed corn, and the garmonbozia we saw pulled out of Leland was just blood, which then transformed into creamed corn.  

There was also a green element to Doppleganger's puke.  Like oozing. liquid green - similar to what the zombie kid was puking up. 

There seems to be a pestilence upon the land, whether from drug use, evil machinations, or from possibly consuming the wrong foods as Jacoby and Sarah seem to be warning us. 


Posted : 02/08/2017 12:50 pm