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The Man in The Picture with Mr C  

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Roadhouse Regular
Posted by: meaxylon

Where is that pic from??? Doesn't look like what we've so far (part 13). Are they finally on their way out to the Roadhouse?

That photo was released by Showtime - you can see it on their website in the slideshow for Part 13:

Posted : 09/08/2017 5:20 pm
Posted by: Rob John Goodin

Yeah, that makes sense that they are recording.  It's unsupported speculation on my part, though, that an observer is required in order from something in the box to be recorded.  That is, the tree would not make a sound if there's no one there to hear it.  That's counter-intuitive, but maybe not in a quantum or multi-dimensional paradigm.

I might have to rethink why I believe that, but I think it was related to the strangeness of the picture of the Experiment/Mother only being recorded from the front (that happened, right?) which is opposite of their eyes, but not from the sides (which I assumed was because no one was sitting on either side), even though it should have been able to capture a side shot, even if the box has partitions/layers as seemed apparent when Dale was moving in it.

Actually I believe that, too. Especially with that whole duality thing going on in TP. It made me think of the double slit experiment and how an observer changes properties of a particle. I'm no scientist but I think there might be a parallel there with quantum physics and quantum entanglement . 😸😿

Posted : 20/08/2017 6:15 am Marian Rubey and minto_greg liked

Just putting it out there....... could be the guy in the  Monica Bellucci dream?

Posted : 03/09/2017 1:19 pm Marian Rubey liked

Ugh maybe it's just a guy working on the show talking to Kyle M.

(And I'm not just being flippant because I'm frustrated. The posture of the two figures suggests an "on set" moment to me.)

Posted : 07/09/2017 3:47 pm
Roadhouse Regular

I'm gonna offer up author Robert Heinlein.  Referenced on Bill Hastings website

Posted : 08/09/2017 9:12 pm
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