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The Best Show of 2017 Twin Peaks: The Return

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Many may have read this already, as I did many moons ago, but for those that haven't:

"No other series takes as many chances as Twin Peaks: The Return, in story, image, sound, and presentation. No other series feels as strange, new, and confounding. Certainly none are capable of indulging in a nearly hour-long sound-and-light show that expands its own mythology and advances its main plot while also offering a surreal alternative history of World War II and the consequences of playing God with the atom bomb, as Twin Peaks: The Return did in its eighth episode. That hour alone makes the rest of narrative television seem imaginatively impoverished. It is so completely unlike anything ever conceived by anyone working in television at any point in its 70-year history as a commercial medium that even if the ten remaining episodes of this show consisted of a black screen with a timecode at the bottom, it still would have won this award."

Posted : 15/07/2017 6:04 am
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Quite right, too.

Just as the original was, the new Twin Peaks is a welcome and much needed kick up the backside to screen entertainment.

Posted : 15/07/2017 9:16 am
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Nothing has come close to it, unless its the boys work. No one has even been able to recapture the audience in the same way it did 25 years ago. this has to go down as a true master peice of the screen.

Posted : 16/07/2017 11:50 pm
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Tonight's episode didn't help in an way.

Love the Return...but tonight was a touch on the filler side.

Posted : 17/07/2017 12:41 am