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Mitchums/ Hornes

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i would be surprsied if this hadn't been mentioned in a forum I missed (as y'all are so sharp!), but I find myself thinking about parallels between the two sets of brothers who figures so prominently in this episode. The Mitchums, two brothers who are tender with each other, but utterly amoral in their behavior in the world, who own a casino. Sounds like the "old" Ben and Jerry to me. The three odd girls, dressed "sexy" without actually being sexy at all- thry remind me of the One-Eyed Jacks girls, at least in their sexy/not sexy thing, if not in their robotic WTF-ness.

They ID Dougie from security footage, just as Jean Renault ID's Dale from security footage...

It all just seems like more than a random re-working of a trope, especially as we are trying to figure out what the Hornes actually have to do with this story, while BEING in it as much as they are (and with Ben's ongoing rejection of the Dark Side as context).

Thoughts, my clever comrades?

Posted : 18/07/2017 3:27 pm
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Some really good connections there I hadnt thought about......

Mitchum's are trying to control everything, dominate the mafia scene, impose the 'old ways' like Brando/Godfather/Wally/Truman-true man. Not always bad that old thing called law, in fact its needed in a way, just not to hide the imposition a criminal empire, but justice/community, etc.: remember Major Briggs' 'palazzo'/house, Mitchums are sort of criminal version of this house; and this taking the lesson from the father's law is the difference between Bobby and Steven, Bobby took this lesson of the old fatherly law, but also saw its problems, cracks, and was trying to fix them with his affirmation to Laura at her funeral, so he is not like a mafia but a revolutionary to change the frame of law, not impose an excessive/oppressive tyranny, insist on something that is dead(like Steven about to hit Becky, Richard in the Horne Family, or Mr. C-billionaires in the US in general.). The mitchums use the old fashioned paternal law, 'act like men' just as major briggs did, but the major without bobby to fix the cracks and revolutionize becomes tyranny, Mr. C/billionaires and Mitchums mafia just ruining people and collecting all their money, enjoyment, controlling them with fear of terror and garmanbozia, demanding that you ask them for 'protection' from terror, payments, even though they solve nothing and just drain people. 

      This old fashioned paternal law accounts for the old fashioned feel and style of the Mitchums, whose 'girls' are worried about them loving them, being in the law as the secret exception to the law that is secretly/privately more important to them than the law.  A much different approach than smothering or getting them, 'tying them up'(like Sylvia and Janey E), which produces the complementary horrors of Richard/Mr. C and Johnny/Dougie.  So this needing to be in the law by Candie, worthy of the Mitchum's love, living up to some kind of standard(ex. Laura is 'prom queen' standard) is why they sometimes appear as robots, maybe a sign that this law is not sufficient, something needs to be fixed, a fly is buzzing.  Candie is trying to get rid of the fly, get Mitchum's attention off of the work/law to her as the exception, but the guy just quickly ignores the fly and gets back to work, prompting Candie to betray the law and smash Mitchum with the remote, then cry that she is out of that love, that community or 'version level' and then begins to betray them, doesnt care about the 'air conditioning' they provide and willing to risk it in the heat, flirting with the insurance guy, etc., headed maybe for Laura's path of being 'on the street' like those drugged up prostitutes at the bang bang bar, which the Mitchums and their standards do not want to see and know will happen, the know the 'law' to reality, how it works, thus that nice quote about fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you, your dead, otherwise they will be 'out on the street', lose their power, get killed, etc.  They know there are 'no stars', if they dont uphold the 'version level', it degrades into barbarism; but their problem is that they dont fix the law and use it for a private clique-personal interests, rather than public justice.

The law without fixing its problems and failings is bound to fall apart, as Candie symbolizes, without new 'Bobbys' to fix it, see the problems the old and settled major cannot see anymore; without 'Bobbys' and only with 'Chads' degrades into the barbarism of Johnny/Richard we see at the Horne residence, while Chad gets to sit back and enjoy the day, have a donut, instead of fixing the problems. Thats why the Mitchums are so concerned with Dougie, they dont want to admit that the old law fails and needs to be fixed.  Dougie is a crippled helpless freak and this very helplessness threatens the Mitchums because they dont want to admit that this utter helplessness exists, that Johnny exists(concentration camp victims, etc.), so they go to extremes like Richard, with the beatings, etc., they dont want to see that there is no law/stars, that it fails.

That comparison of Dougie on the camera with old agent cooper at one eyed jacks is very interesting and opens a lot.  Old agent cooper who was still something like the Mitchums and the major, following the old paternal law, on that camera at one eyed jacks was watching Jacques deal, then hears about Jacques and Leo with Laura, to his horror.  While that new Dougie/Cooper was following the Jacque types, chasing Jade, following Jean Michel's proposition that 'they are all whores', hitting all the jackpots as onlookers told him 'you really broke that one, broke laura'.  Its as if instead of standing up and revolutionzing the law, 'Bobby's secret project' which emerged after he gave up teenage rebellion, Dougie felt crushed and masochistically accepted that they 'are all whores', and is now dominated by this types of women, who unlike Candie, care nothing about if Cooper loves them or not, but like Jade, reduce him to a toy that they can drain money and social status from, its a contractual masochistic prostitute relationship, not a genuine marriage.  Dougie is just as evil as Mr. C.........Mr C./Billionaires complement Dougie, they are a mafia controlling everything with terror, while Dougie is the complementary docile citizen not allowed to say or do anything(like Johnny) or he will get hurt, will get 'terror' from some boogieman, provided by Mr. C/billionaires themselves in the absence of other sources....

Posted : 18/07/2017 5:05 pm
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Brief thought, I also felt there was a parallel to One Eyed Jacks, but more along the lines of bigger fish in a bigger pond.  I had not really connected it to the Horne brothers, but you connected the dots very nicely and got me thinking.

Posted : 18/07/2017 5:17 pm
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One things I noted on my second watch of part 10 is Rodney says to his brother, 'remind me to call off that hit.' Jim B responds with, 'save us a whack of dough.' I assume this means they had a hit out on Ike?

Also, does Rodney say, 'Call up that Randall fellow tomorrow, set up a meet.' ?


Posted : 18/07/2017 5:27 pm
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Now thinking about this again, the Mitchums could have brought Candie back into the fold when she was crying during the news and talking about love, but they were too busy talking about Dougie, Ike getting busted, their business, etc.... Thats why later Candie betrayed them and showed that insurance guy all the machines Dougie hit, to get revenge on them, since she knows they dont like Dougie.  Problem for Mitchums here is that they only have those girls as robots for their narcissistic image and mafia group, thats why they served as background for the beating and then disappeared later.  The Mitchums 'version layer' is now threatened because they ignored this version layer's main supporting gaze(the version layer creates the 'robotic' girls and the girls create the version layer), and got too focused on eliminating the obstacle Dougie the cripple; and when only focused on eliminating the completely 'bare' and useless life of Dougie, then directly trying to create the 'version layer' as omnipotent, the crippled life devoid of struggle only grows in strength, being a 'bum' on the streets(like the one behind the diner in Mulholland Drive) gets closer, it cannot ever be eliminated but only kept away through their group, which is now threatened....

Posted : 18/07/2017 11:06 pm