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Roadhouse Regular

It looks like Diane is shaping up to be a character like Dr. Yueh from Dune, one who betrays her side in order to conspire with the enemy, seeking revenge.  Dr. Yueh's wife was captured, tortured, raped, and killed by the enemy, but he nevertheless conspired with them against his own 'house' in order to seek revenge, thinking that he gained something from the suffering he had been through, a sort of reckless ruthlessness, that nothing matters because of what happened to his wife, so he can make the world whatever he wants to revenge the wrong of what was done to him.  Dr. Yueh brought 'his house' down in order to then use the opportunity of the enemy's triumph to backstab them by hiding an assassination plot against them which would hit at their moment of victory.  I believe Diane is in a similar state of mind, she suffered a deep trauma inflicted on her by Mr. C and has never resolved this, but scarified the 'world' and herself in order continue in her spite, and she probably is seeking personal revenge above all else; and I believe she is now conspiring with Mr. C in order to bring Cole's group back down in order to then seek revenge against Mr. C, get him killed. Not sure how this will play out now, since Cole is already alerted to her attempt, when in Dune they were unable to discover the traitor before it was too late......


Posted : 21/07/2017 12:18 am Myn0k liked
Roadhouse Regular

Also, you never know, since Cole saw the image of Laura crying at what had been done to her right before he had the conversation about Dianes betrayal, he may use this 'ghost' of Laura to bring Diane back into the loop.  Cole was drawing the arm with the watch reaching out towards an abomination of nature/trees(indicating a watch/measuring of time which stops/changes time, changes the instrument of measurement, changes nature, intervenes instead of 'enjoying the beautiful day'(Lucy), so meaning changing of nature/space/time, what is predestined, time and dreams coming back onto themselves, changing history, giving Laura justice, etc.).  Like Diane, Laura was another wronged woman who sought self destructive revenge against the community.  Cole may remember his smoking with Diane in order to convince her to come back into the fold before it is too late, get her at his table and away from Mr. C's and the 'stable'....

In other words, Cole would succeed with Diane where the Mitchums failed with Candie....

Posted : 21/07/2017 12:32 am
Posted by: groofay

I think Diane is in an extremely difficult, complicated situation and it's impossible to draw any hard-and-fast conclusions about her. To say that her apparent correspondence with Evil Coop means that she's absolutely on his side is over-simplistic. She has a lot from both Cooper and the FBI to be resentful about. And I think her total absence in person in this episode was significant in that regard: We don't know where she is. We don't know where her allegiances lie, if indeed she has any.

I think I'll follow Gordon's advice about Diane: "Keep her close." Keep an eye on her in future episodes. That's all we can do at the moment.

This 🙂

Posted : 21/07/2017 1:22 am
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