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Who can be doppelgängers?

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I saw a theory years ago was that the doppelgangers were the good/evil split so Caroline was Wyndom Earle's good side which makes sense. Except as always for the Annie factor, again haha 

Posted : 19/08/2017 2:01 pm


not only can BOB and MIKE have doppelgängers, they might BE doppelgängers. In a weird way. When Mike says he was my familiar... familiar can mean doppelgänger. MIKE sure seems like he very connected to BOB. BOB is completely evil and MIKE is good, at least in the Return. In FWWM however, he isn’t. But there were three coopers (if you consider Dougue a cooper despite that he was manufactured), so there could be three MIKEs. And they obviously don’t look alike, but the arm doesn’t look like MIKE either. Just an idea but it’s probably totally off.

Posted : 17/03/2021 9:32 pm
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