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The NEW YORK connection

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My wife was re-watching the earlier episodes this week and I happened to come home just in time to see the beginning of episode 1 again. 

Something jumped out to me that I hadn't seen discussed anywhere (apologies if it has....doubtless someone else did notice this). 

Episode 1 begins with the confusing/intriguing lodge talk scenes. I think all of us were overwhelmed by these and the clues within.  Our minds are bouncing all over the place trying to understand.  

Then we see the opening credits.  

The first scene we get after the opening credits is that weird bit about Jacoby with the shovels.  It's here that we get our first real world dialogue, but it's hardly noticeable.  Basically just Jacoby greeting the shovel delivery guy.  

Then we go to New York and are introduced to Sam and Tracy.  This change in setting is a bit of a departure from the norm in Twin Peaks.  We learn all about Sam being hired by some anonymous billionaire to stare at the peculiar glass box,  which we learn a lot more about in the coming episodes (I won't spoil in case anyone reading hasn't yet witnessed those scenes). 

So the first "real world" information we are fed involves this NY building, and that someone with a lot of money that we don't see has paid for Sam to sit there and stare at the box. 

Next we see the Great Northern, and it's here that something very interesting happens.  Ostensibly we are just checking in on Ben Horne, and being introduced to his new assistant, the lovely Beverly, as well as learning that Jerry Horne has gone "full deadhead" in the pot business.  All of that is fun and comforting. 

But what does Ben say at the start of that scene?   He's talking to Beverly about a guest.  A guest who is upset over something involving a skunk.  She wants a full refund.  A "Mrs. Houseman".  But Ben won't give her a full refund  Why?  Because her "friends from New York" keep the spa running, implying they spend a lot of money. 


So the first two scenes we are treated to in the real-world (beyond Jacoby's shovel gathering) involve discussions about New York people with money.  A wealthy NY financier of our weird glass box experiment, and some wealthy NY patrons of the Great Northern.   The only clue we are given about their identity is a connection to a "Mrs. Houseman". 

I will note that we have had 11 episodes aired as I type this, and I have no clue who Mrs. Houseman is beyond a few guesses, but I won't get into them as they would contain spoilers about later episodes folks may not have seen. 

Just interesting....have a feeling that conversation between Ben and Beverly about those wealthy NY patrons of the hotel was not throwaway dialogue.  It didn't stand out from the rest of the episode, as there was so much for our minds to process/digest, but I think it's placement (it is, in effect, the first real conversation in the "return"that takes place within the town of Twin Peaks) suggests it may have been more important than we probably realized. 

We shall see. 

Topic starter Posted : 27/07/2017 9:22 am
RR Diner Patron

Good catch, kdawg. Lynch has mentioned that there are keys in the first couple of scenes of many of his films.

Posted : 27/07/2017 9:45 am

I was just thinking this!

The fact that it's mentioned directly after the first glass box scene can't be a coincidence.


Posted : 20/08/2017 7:30 am

Also, I've heard a theory that "Judy" is in fact a code name for Major Briggs.

What if he is (or rather, his head is) orchestrating all of this with Phillip Jeffries, the New York stuff, the humming at the Great Northern....

Posted : 20/08/2017 7:34 am

Just free associating here. 

House man (fire man)

"It's in our house now"

Could Mrs Houseman be a visitor who comes from the lodge?

Posted : 20/08/2017 7:38 am
RR Diner Patron

...checking in to The Great Northern? Maybe in the cellar huh?

Posted : 20/08/2017 7:44 am

Some very interesting theories here. I too believe the name Houseman holds some value. I also want to believe that the girl that swallowed the frog moth could potentially be called... Judy Houseman and was manipulated by evil forces to help pave the way for the experiment to enter the world.

Posted : 24/08/2017 9:24 am
Roadhouse Regular

Nice work :-> "House man" seems so much like a clue in light of the Fireman's words to Cooper. And complaints about a skunk imply a bad smell, like what one might expect in the Black Lodge. Hmmm.

Posted : 24/08/2017 4:23 pm