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"Something wrong with that guy"


So it finally occurred to me that when Shelly's friend commented that there was "something wrong" about James it was in anticipation of his behavior later in the series. 

Because it bothered me that James, in a much later episode, would walk up to the booth of a married woman and start telling her how much he liked her in front of her husband. The whole scene was a puzzler to me. But if I reflect back on the earlier episode and accept that there is indeed "something wrong" with James. Well, maybe it makes his behavior a little more understandable.

Then that leads me to start asking . . . is there anything else I need to read into his behavior?

So I throw the question out there to anyone interested: Is there?

Topic starter Posted : 17/10/2018 1:32 pm
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Honestly,  knowing that Donna was not going to be in Season 3, I kept expecting it to be explained that James and Donna had a bad motorcycle accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down (like her mother) or worse, dead.  

This was before the final dossier came out in which Frost explained that she simply just up and moved away.

Posted : 17/10/2018 3:07 pm