It is in our house now / Philip ... Jeffries?  

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I took the "it's in our house" to mean the experiment - it's passed into the white lodge. 

Posted : 29/07/2017 5:08 pm
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The voice in the motel room conversation that Bad Cooper assumed was Philip Jeffries, sounded quite like Albert in places. 

Posted : 02/08/2017 5:46 pm
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MynOk, I think so as well. When listening to the sounds I hear a repetition. Broken up in pieces I hear this pattern:
("sound..sound.....sound..sound..sound") x 7 
The last sound piece within the pattern sounds to me like a very morphed word "Light". What if the sounds are a repetition of words. To be exact: "Do you've got a light". And that repeated seven times. 

Which means these sounds could be linked indeed to episode 8 where we see a woodsman repeatedly saying: "Do you've got a light?". With other words the experiment created Bob which created more evil into the world. And it looks like the woodsmen are allies. 

What if Bob, Badcoop and/or the Woodsmen are in the house (White Lodge) now? This means they can skip the black Lodge now, widen their horizon and become more powerful. Destroying the balance between the Black Lodge and the White Lodge. 

Gramophone Sound

Posted : 04/08/2017 7:21 am
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Sorry if this got said already,

When Evil Cooper starts to doubt that he is speaking to Jeffries it comes directly after the voice says something like, "You were with Major Briggs...".  And that makes Mr. C skeptical.  "How did you know that?" He asks.  So, who would know that Mr.C met with Briggs?  Who else was there at the meeting, or in communication with one of the participants? Who's got 'little birds'? 

I'm looking at Mike or Diane, Jeffries can't be ruled out, perhaps an as yet to be met character... Possibly real Cooper from a perplexing timeline? 

I feel like it's significant. 

Posted : 11/08/2017 1:55 am
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