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Intro & Brocken spectre  

Town Visitor

Have you noticed the "rainbow ring" in season 3 intro? This is "Brocken spectre", optical phenomenon. It appears, when the sun shines behind the observer, who is looking down from the mountain into mist or clouds. I personally saw it once (in Tatra Mountains) - my own shadow on the clouds, with a halo-like, glowing rings. Something beautiful.

There was such a superstition amongst Polish climbers: the man who saw a Brocken spectre, will die in the mountains...

Brocken spectre is spherical. Just like stone ring in Glastonbury Grove. Rainbow halo? Rainbow in Norse mythology was a bridge. Between two worlds. Of course it's just speculation, but ... 😉

Posted : 30/05/2017 4:25 am JeffreyGWillett liked

Hey Mike!

Nice find - I'm surprised no one else got as excited about this as I did.

I thought it could allude to a lot of season 3 itself being an illusion or not quite there - I guess time will tell with the ending of the season.

Posted : 13/08/2017 4:41 am

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