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I feel like I know HIM  

RR Diner Patron

 Does anyone else hear Laura saying 'Him' to the question Cooper asks 'Are you Laura Palmer? '. I Can see her lips pronouncing an 'M' as well.

Is Laura a man in the living world now? 

There's nothing quite like urinating out in the open air

Posted : 03/08/2017 6:25 am Bela Moschkovich liked

Wow, that's an interesting idea.

I was reading an interview with Eamon Farren today on Richard. I kept thinking about his portrayal as this solely evil creature, indicating he might be Mr.C's son, and then it occurred to me that Leland Palmer had been a host to BOB since he was a kid. Which means, to some extent, Laura is also BOB's child.

For a moment I thought about Richard maybe being Laura in this incarnation, but being extremely evil because he's not only BOB's child, but he was bred from the semen of a not-entirely-human host (the Doppelganger).

Write it in your diary

Posted : 03/08/2017 5:58 pm

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