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Peaks World on Second Life....yes, it still exists!


Yes, Second Life still exists, and there is a nice slice of Twin Peaks there! I'm one of a small group of people building it.

Visit the Twin Peaks Laboratory,  (the virtual museum that started it all!) the Fat Trout Trailer Park, the RR Cafe, the Room Above The Convenience Store, and a memorial (non-sectarian) meditation garden dedicated to the memory of Twin Peaks actors who have passed on.

Every Sunday at 12 noon Pacific, there is a chat. You get to the location by going through our model of Glastonbury Grove (yes, it looks solid but it's not what it seems) and "sitting down" in the black pool. You will be transported to our chat venue, which looks a whole lot like the Red Room. 

Download the Second Life viewer, then point it to this SL URL:

We have room to expand for those who want to help us build more of this "place both wonderful and strange."

Topic starter Posted : 01/10/2017 1:41 pm