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Here too (in my little French village) there is a road for Twin Peaks


Enriched with a lifetime this third season is a marvel. The emotions are intense, whether it is tenderness, love, worry or sadness .. I have already followed at least three times each episode (for now we are at number 15 ), Intimate trails that observe one another or mingle, which sometimes find themselves at tremendous heights, sometimes in distant abysses, these palimpsestes of countries and histories, gain in clarity to any new viewing.
It is an eternal return, a real gift that one receives several times. The soundtrack is of course a tissue of universes and regularly hosts music, songs, that make the soul and the heart vibrate. The image is that of a fabulous filmmaker, a fabulous painter too. The word is simple and clear, it brings to the humor that often comes to coil itself in it, a subtle jewel case.
Still three episodes I believe, still hours of happiness I am sure.

(Forgive me my approximate English)

Topic starter Posted : 24/08/2017 3:56 am

I agree with this. Lynch and Frost reuniting to create this new season 25+ years later is quite a gift. I am forever grateful for their return to old material and for re-injecting life into an old and beloved show that changed the television landscape and is doing so once again (for the better). 

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Posted : 01/09/2017 2:16 am