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Black Lodge t-shirt: Mike, Bob, Giant, Dwarf

The Black Lodge T-Shirt: Mike& Bob& Giant& Dwarf.

The Black Lodge ampersand t-shirt excludes doppelgängers, hallucinations or other friends, and exclusively lists the four most iconic inhabitants of The Black Lodge: Mike, Bob, the giant and the dwarf.
Twin Peaks merit patches

Last Chance To Snag Official Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Merchandise

Which self-respecting Twin Peaks fan wouldn't want a David Lynch-designed anniversary t-shirt, a set of Twin Peaks merit patches, or a Packard Sawmill t-shirt? The official merchandise that was created exclusively for the 20th anniversary art exhibition in Los Angeles is running low on stock, so grab your piece of limited edition nostalgia now!
Kyle Maclachlan - Dale Cooper signed card

Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer And Killer Bob Signed Star Pics Cards

If you haven't noticed yet, have a look at the eBay widget at the bottom right of every page on this site. At any time, it will show all currently available eBay items that have been signed by members of the Twin Peaks cast. Checking out that list regularly myself, I noticed a set of Star Pics cards with the autographs of three of the most iconic characters: Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer and Killer Bob.
Twin Peaks fan festival 1993 t-shirt

Twin Peaks Fan Festival 1993 T-Shirt On eBay

Two copies of the very first, official Twin Peaks Fan Festival t-shirt are currently for sale on eBay. Available in sizes L and XL, it's a rare souvenir from the first fan-sponsored fest back in 1993.
Dale Cooper Diane Tape Recorder

Dale Cooper’s Tape Recorder As Diane, The Portable Speaker

Because in the age of smartphones, there's not much use for voice-activated micro-cassette recorders anymore, I'm proud to present Dale Cooper's famous tape recorder in its latest incarnation: Diane, The Portable Speaker. Yes, it's a real and useful product. I'm not kidding.
Twin Peaks FBI Special Agents T-Shirt

Twin Peaks FBI Agents T-Shirt

Available with black or white lettering, the Twin Peaks FBI t-shirt features the first names of the (special) agents that appear in the wonderful Twin Peaks universe.
Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department T-Shirt

Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department T-Shirt

Based on the minimal ampersand-design we also used for our Bookhouse Boys t-shirt, this Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department t-shirt lists the first names of the great bunch at the local law enforcement team; Deputy Hawk, Sheriff Harry S. Truman, Deputy Andy Brennan and the strong woman behind these good men, Lucy Moran.
Twin Peaks Money/Bills

Twin Peaks Money Bills

Ever heard of pound sterling banknotes that do not depict Queen Elizabeth, but Twin Peaks prom queen Laura Palmer? Or her dad, Leland, in both dark and white-haired versions? And even Special Agent Dale Cooper, during his hilarious confrontation with a llama?
Bookhouse Boys t-shirt

Bookhouse Boys T-Shirt

What if the Bookhouse Boys were a band? The Bookhouse Boys ampersand t-shirt: Harry & James & Hawk & Big Ed & Joey & Dale.
Twin Peaks Necklace

Gold Heart Necklace

Laura Palmer and James Hurley's heart necklace makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift for Twin Peaks fans. The gold necklace costs only $7... and that's for both halves of the locket. If you're not going to wear it, then at least keep it safe in a coconut.
There's a man in a smiling bag Twin Peaks poster

Twin Peaks Posters: I Will Tell You Three Things

Vincent Iadevaia is a production artist at the New York based Barbarian Group, but most of all he's a Twin Peaks fan who just finished designing a beautiful set of unofficial Twin Peaks posters. Each typographic design is based on one of the three things Dale Cooper is told by the Giant.