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Twin Peaks merchandise and collectibles, t-shirts, buttons, prints, posters and more!

Directed by David Lynch t-shirt

Directed By David Lynch T-Shirt

Do you sometimes feel like you live inside a David Lynch movie? Do you drop Dale Cooper quotes on the regular? Do you dance like a man from another place? Then this "Directed by David Lynch" t-shirt is for you.
Signed Twin Peaks soundtrack album

Want Something Signed By David Lynch?

Want to own something signed by David Lynch? Dozens of David Lynch signed goodies have popped up on eBay right after The Big Dream album signing at Amoeba earlier this week.
Fan Phenomena - Twin Peaks

Pre-Order Fan Phenomena: Twin Peaks Book

Last year, editors over at Intellect Press reached out to us seeking contributions for Fan Phenomena – Twin Peaks, a book for fans by the fans. Starting today, you can pre-order this book right here.
Let's Rock! Twin Peaks t-shirt

Let’s Rock! 8-Bit Pixel Art T-Shirt

Officially releasing this Twin Peaks t-shirt that I've been wearing myself for a while, featuring The Man From Another Place in 8-bit pixel art form! I also made a mirrored version for the ubergeek.
Killer BOBblehead clear phone case

Killer Bobblehead Is Eager For Fun!

Killer Bobblehead would be the scariest bobbing head doll in the world of collectible toys! And if this toy could talk, it would randomly scream things at you like: 'I'll catch you with my death bag!'
The Great Northern Hotel Twin Peaks Keychain

The Great Northern Hotel Keychain

With this keepsake Great Northern Hotel keychain, hand-carved from the Packard Mill's leftover wood, you'll never forget your stay in one of the 102 rooms of Benjamin Horne's beautiful retreat with its breathtaking views of the Whitetail Falls.