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Davidlynch.com To Be Relaunched Tomorrow As Secret Room Filled With Music

New davidLynch.comDavid Lynch is relaunching davidlynch.com tomorrow as a digital music store and “sensory experience.” In an email to the New York Times, the director said there will be sound experiments from the past (unreleased Twin Peaks songs, perhaps?) and new music.

This thing of the Web is so magical — the way it works — we just hit a few buttons and we feel we’re with the world (…). The new web site is designed to be “a secret room filled with music.”

I’m excitingly counting down to Thursday, March 10th “sometime between 1:23 and 1:38 p.m. Pacific Time”.

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Davidlynch.com To Be Relaunched As Secret Room Filled With Music

Davidlynch.com to be relaunched as a secret room filled with music.