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David's Lunch, Mariachi Walk With Me

David’s Lunch, Mariachi Walk With Me

When I stumbled upon David's Lunch, Mariachi Walk With Me, I was intrigued but couldn't make out what the video was all about. I recognized a Dale Cooper-lookalike walking into a Mexican taqueria, but got completely lost in translation after that point.
Lloyd Stas: Twin Peaks

Crazy 4 Cult Features Amazing David Lynch Inspired Art

Last week, the Crazy 4 Cult 5 exhibit opened at GALLERY 1988 on the corner of Melrose and La Brea in Los Angeles. Out of the 100 artists taking aim at classic cult movies, the eight I've showcased in this post drew inspiration from the work of David Lynch.
Twin Peaks Graffiti Truck

Twin Peaks Graffiti Truck in New York City

Recently, there have been multiple New York City sightings of a Twin Peaks themed truck with the words It's happening again on the side, and R.I.P. Laura Palmer on the back. The graffiti is the work of Smart Crew member Dceve, whose customized tag makes clever use of the gold heart necklace and a slice of cherry pie. Makes you wonder what's inside...
Michael Jackson in the Twin Peaks Red Room

Michael Jackson In The Red Room

There is a connection between Michael Jackson and Twin Peaks: The King Of Pop is still alive, and he hooks up sometimes with The Little Man From Another Place for a dance off in the Red Room!
Twin Peaks versus Blair Witch Project

The Blue Rose Project: Blair Witch Meets Twin Peaks

Last week, a Twitter friend called Michael S. Lucart pointed me to a story he'd written which merges the worlds of Twin Peaks, Washington and Burkittsville, Maryland of Blair Witch Project fame. I enjoyed the '99 horror movie, and was immediately intrigued by this piece of fan fiction because there's indeed a connection between both stories: the evil in the woods.
Psych Dual Spires Twin Peaks

Psych Versus Twin Peaks

Psych paid tribute to Twin Peaks in an episode called Dual Spires. An extended version of this episode is now included in the Psych: The Complete Fifth Season DVD set
Laura Palmer = Rosie Larsen on The Killing?

The Killing Versus Twin Peaks

This tweet by @jekelish sums it up nicely: I can't wait until next week's season finale of The Killing so I can finally learn who killed Laura Palmer.

Free Donut Desktop Wallpaper

If there's a Cherry Pie Day, it's only logical there's also a National Donut Day... and we're celebrating it today!
Holly Wales Twin Peaks illustration owl

Surreal Twin Peaks Illustrations By Holly Wales

Watching Twin Peaks recently inspired Holly Wales to create a set of geometric illustrations, which explores ideas about how narrative affects the way images are presented separately rather than as whole complete scenes.
Twin Peaks nail art

Twin Peaks Nail Art

Nail art doesn't involve sliding cut-out letters under the nail (that's just psychopath behavior), but it's the craft of drawing pictures on acrylic nails which can then be stuck on top of natural ones. This calls for an example, like this Twin Peaks inspired set of nails!
Black Lodge pixel art

If There Were A Twin Peaks Video Game

I remember when I was a kid, you know, dividing my heaps of leisure time between Princess Zelda and Laura Palmer, I always hoped somebody would make a game adaptation of Twin Peaks. And for a while, there were indeed crazy rumors going around that Hi Tech Expressions was to release a Twin Peaks video game...