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Story Hour  

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I wish I could zero in on every time "story" is mentioned in the Return. Part 12 had two important instances of it. Sarah's "It's a god damn bad story, isn't it Hawk?" and Charley's (to Audrey) "Do I have to end your story, too?"

Charley not only is talking about ending Audrey's story, but evidently he's already ended at least one other person's story. That's harsh!

It seems to indicate that Charley is a fairly powerful lodge spirit.

And maybe Sarah is aware that she's a character in someone else's story, a pawn in someone else's game, and powerless to do anything about it.


Posted : 12/07/2018 5:11 pm Julie Loader liked

I've often wondered if Charlie was TMFAP  tulpa. 

Why else choose a small person to play Audreys husband? 

Posted : 12/07/2018 5:26 pm

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