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Who was in the Black Lodge with Dale Cooper?  


I was just watching the finale of season 2. And I'm not sure who sent that message to Mayor Briggs throug Sarah. 

Was this -at any moment- clear for someone? What did I miss?


There was a previous discussion on this subject, but I would not know how to find it now.  The ideas thrown around were:

  • The thing inside Sarah
  • Windom Earle
  • Bob
  • Mike
  • The Arm
  • Laura
  • The Giant
  • Evil Cooper


I kind of buy the Bob or the Arm ideas.  Both seem to have the knowledge and means to deliver this message (in a taunting way) and reason to want to get Briggs.


I've  always thought it was Luara,   bet the scene where Sara takes her face off threw a wrench in that.  

Buutx we'll know when we see what that is in Sara  tomorrow 


. . . we're not gonna talk about Judy . .

We didn't 🙁


"I'm in the Black Lodge with Dale Cooper" sounds highly distorted and the voice is unrecognisable to me, but the sentence immediately following it - "I'm waiting for you" - clearly sounds like the voice of The Arm to me.


So, was that message a trap to bring the Mayor to the Black Lodge? I really hadn't pay attention to the last sentence, it does sounds like the Arm talking. 


The Black Lodge is a subset of Twin Peaks, meaning it's a particular place inside the "Dream". It's where The Dreamer keeps all the Sorrow and Pain.

Sorrow and Pain are the fuel for the story we get to see.

The whole thing is inside The Dreamer's head. Mr. C.'s rise in the end of Season 2 is the outcome of one of many frustrated attempts to rebuild a Reality where Laura is still alive.

It's safe to say Mr.C. is the one who speaks thru Sarah.

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